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Incurable Traits (END)

Incurable Traits (END)

Since childhood, WAH TOR (Lam Man Lung) was infatuated with herbs and medical sciences. He was a quick learner and swiftly mastered the skills of curing diseases. In a certain period, many villagers got a fever. When all the doctors treated it as ordinary typhoid, TOR diagnosed pestilence. He tried to merge two schools of medical theory and finally came up with an effective way to cure pestilence. KWAN WAN CHEUNG (Wan Yeung Ming), who brought a patient to TOR for treatments, became good friends with him. Though TOR had good, innovative skills for curing diseases, many villagers repelled him for they were superstitious on illnesses and medical treatments. TOR was forced to leave the village with his lover CHEUNG MIU SHUM (Ng Wing Mei), who married him later on. TOR moved to another village and continued his career as a doctor. He never gave up on any of his patients, no matter how serious the disease was. Many of his patients eventually died and his reputation became very bad. Fortunately, his talents were recognized when he cured the chronic disease of CHO CHO (Wong Yat Wa)’s youngest son. CHO designated TOR as the head of doctors in his army and TOR began to write his medical book. As time went by, TOR discovered CHO’s crafty and wicked character. He felt reluctant when CHO requested him to produce poison for killing KWAN’s soldiers. Unwilling to harm the innocence, TOR ran away and stayed in KWAN’s army. CHO later got serious headache and used 300 people as a hostage to coerce TOR for curing his disease. In order to save lives, TOR made a sacrifice…

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